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UnCleaner is a program that cleans the computer of unnecessary files
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UnCleaner is a small application which scans your hard drive for unnecessary files and folders, and easily removes them, in order to improve the performance of your computer. One important aspect that is worth mentioning is that the cleaning process completes in an instance. This fact puts UnCleaner on top of other similar applications.

The installing process of many applications results in a large number of files and folders that use a lot of disk space on your hard drive, which in turn, slows down the computational speed of your system. This piece of software was designed to efficiently remove such loose files and folders, thus keeping your PC in a good state.

UnCleaner will automatically run at system start-up, and will not affect the performance of your computer. Moreover, this utility integrates a task scheduler, which you can use to set up cleaning tasks at predefined time intervals. Once the cleaning process completes, UnCleaner will display a detailed report that shows you the name of the files removed, as well as their location. The application also displays a message about the current status of your computer. (e.g "Good, your system is very clean!")

In conclusion, UnCleaner proves to be an efficient solution for removing unnecessary files and folders from your hard drive. It is a useful tool that will improve the performance of your computer.

Josephine Seaman
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